Experience a Little Bit of the Country

2019 is promising to be another great year.  Besides Milton the burro, we now have 1 Scottish highland cow, 1 horse, who I might add, had a mule. Milton is a proud father.   Bootsie was born in May.   We also have 3 young goats and a momma pig with her baby.  Hurry and come and see them before they grow up. As usual, we have our 2 cats,  chickens, bunnies, turkeys and peacocks. Make reservations and come out and experience a little bit of the country in the northern part of Oakland County. We also have a wonderful beach with a floating dock and a playground that everyone loves.  In addition, we have a nature walk around the lake, with all sorts of animals crossing your path, ducks and swans and tree carvings throughout your walk. Lets not forget one of our most popular things, of all things, a rope swing down at the barn.  Kids wait in line to swing